Sunday, October 14, 2012

An autumn holiday!

I sailed on the Spirit of British Columbia on Monday, October 1, 2012.
Robert kindly drove me to the ferry in Tsawwassen, and I went on as a walk on for $15. I used the new machines to purchase my ticket and it was so easy. There were a lot of people on the ferry, and around 120 walkons. I love the ferry ride through the small islands to Vancouver Island.
This is my favourite part of the whole world.
My friend, Sister Sarah Jean, lives at St. John's House and she and Sister Brenda kindly picked me up at Shwartz Bay.

We drove down Quadra Street after taking Exit 9, and arrived at the house around 1:30.
Here I am outside the house. Each day of my week's stay was filled with brilliant blue skies and warm sunshine. We ate lunch on the patio one day, and I spent a lot of time out there drinking tea and staring at the blue sky.

Sarah Jean with Norman in the back ground.

Norman is the seagull which often perches on the cross on the church next door.

I brought Ruthie, an American Girl doll, and Robinette, my resin Bleuette, along in my roll on suitcase. I spent a part of each day sewing, so this was like a dream vacation as I had no interruptions at all.
It was relaxing and perfect.

This is the guest room I stayed in.
The sisters keep to a strict schedule and retire around 10 pm.
I sat in the recliner and read "The Hiding Place" which I brought with me.
It is very quiet here at night. I loved my little room.

Robinette examines a passion flower which Sarah Jean kindly put in my room.

Ruthie in an outfit which I made on Tuesday.
I sewed the jeans in the morning and afternoon, and the top in the evening.
I used Sarah Jean's "Liberty Jane" patterns for both items.
They are darling!
The seeds are from the calendula plant.

On Wednesday we went on an excursion.
Sarah Jean drove us to Michaels, a lovely craft store, and I used a 40% off coupon to buy Ruthie a darling pair of tennis shoes so she could go hiking. We then explored a Value Village on Store Street, and studied the map to see a quick way to Dallas Road. We drove down Cook St which took us straight there. I love Dallas Road. It meanders along the water front, and way back in 1980 my family stayed at the Surf Motel, which is still there! 

We had tea and dessert at Ogden Point cafe. It was so warm we ate on the patio without our jackets.
The weather was simply fantastic for October!
We had packed sandwiches which we also ate here. I had to eat my huge brownie in 4 sections.

Sarah Jean enjoying the sun.

We had another lovely tea time on a terrace on Thursday afternoon, when we headed down a country road to a lovely quilt store. This restaurant is just across the street and is called The Beach House.
I couldn't believe my good fortune that all this week was so warm and sunny.

This photo was taken at the Root Cellar, not far from St John's House.
I made Ruthie's skirt, and Robinette's little dress on the remaining days.

Sarah Jean showing me a neat stitch to hem with.

The cozy sewing room!

Me at the Janome machine. This was on Tuesday. I had made the little skirt for Ruthie on Monday evening. We waste no time on these holidays! It was also Sarah Jean's holiday.

Sarah Jean suggested we make a challenge dress too. I brought the fabric, and had time to make Ruthie's dress on Friday morning before I left to go home on the 3:00 ferry. I still need to finish the hem and the back opening. Aren't the dolls adorable?
I absolutely loved my getaway. Thank you, Sarah Jean, for inviting me!

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