Monday, October 22, 2012

Memory Monday...100 years ago on Oct 26, 1912

100 years ago on October 26, 1912, my mother's parents, Adolph Brutke and Helen Gusa were married in Taylor, Texas, USA.
I have always loved this solemn picture of the wedding couple.
Helen made her wedding dress and veil. I wish I knew if it's still around.
Helen loaned it to her sister-in-law, Helen Keene, and she kept it.
I have a photo copy of their marriage certificate, and the bride's name reads:
Lina Guss!!!!

Originally we thought this photo was taken in 1913, but it was actually taken on October 26, the wedding day of my grandparents.
The couple is Pauline and August Gusa, Helen's parents, and her siblings.
Helen also sewed the girl's dresses. How I wish I had one of them!
They are so pretty.
(notice that the carpet in both photos is the same...a clue)

A copy of the marriage certificate.
I love the handwriting!

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