Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My high school friends...

I've kept in touch with a few of my high school friends, and we meet once a year for our "40th" birthday. Tee hee...we are way past 40 now, but it's humerous in a way. And we need humour in our lives! So here we are on Sunday, Nov 18, 2012, meeting for a scrumptious lunch at the Bacchus Restaurant in the Wedgewood Hotel downtown Vancouver. I'm on the right with Heather and Helen beyond me, and Cyndy, Ellen, Anne and Georgina are on the left.

Here is our lovely lunch. I had halibut and it was superb.
The price here isn't cheap, but the ambiance is worth it! We had a room all to ourselves.

Another view with Anna on the right.

A delicious $30 dessert shared among 4 of us. It doesn't look like much, but it was wonderful, especially the banana pudding on the left.

It's so nice to keep in touch. I met all these friends in 1974, which is nearly 40 years ago! Most of them were in my Lit class or Social Studies class, and the rest always sat at the same lunch table for four years. I have many happy memories of my high school time. It was one of the highlights in my life. (believe it or not)

These photos are the bathroom in the Wedgewood Hotel.
I just love this place! Have you ever seen a bathroom like this?

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