Sunday, December 2, 2012

Our Christmas get-a-way!

Robert and I took a mini road trip down to Lynwood WA on Friday, Nov 30.
We've been here twice before. Of course we visited the AG store at Alderwood Mall!
I especially wished to check out the adorable 1974 replica of the Volkswagon Beetle car.
It's 25 lbs and very large, and $350 so it's still on my wish list.
It has a button beside the steering wheel, which when pressed caused the distinctive Volkswagon motor sound to rumble for a minute, and the head lights to come on, and the horn honks if you press it, plus 1970 era music plays. I just love it!

This is Julie and her friend Ivy washing the car, which of course they can't drive, being only 10 years old.

But they can sit in the passenger seat.
The car can roll on its sturdy wheels. It's fully licensed by Volkswagon.

Those of you who know my story, know that Robert proposed to me in a blue 1960's Volkswagon on Nov 1, 1981. That's why I'm so interested in this car! We told our story to the clerk working here, and she had Robert act out his proposal. Tee hee...

Julie on her darling 1970's banana seat bike, exactly like the one I learned how to ride on.
It was temporarily out of stock so I wasn't tempted.

Caroline, the new 1812 doll, standing in her exquisite parlour, which costs $250!
I had fun in this store. I had saved up nearly enough money to purchase a doll, which I did with Robert's help. You can see her down below.

We took a nap in our Best Western Alderwood motel, then ate dinner at Azteca Mexican restaurant close by. We shared this delicious chicken burrito meal. Yummy!

We shared the churros for dessert. Mmmm...their food is superb.

Beside the Mexican Christmas tree. I love how the Americans decorate. Or should I say, Mexicans?

Here I am with my new doll, Julie. I just love her hair! And her clothes are the style I remember as I grew up in the 1970's era.

I also purchased a snowflake design sweater for Julie, a special if you bought $50 or more, which I certainly did! It was a very fun trip. We spent 2 nights here, and returned on Sunday at noon, with absolutely no border lineup at that time.
I'll post tomorrow about our interesting day on Saturday, Underground in Seattle!

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Simply Shelley said...

What fun...I hope you get to purchased the blue bug one day...maybe it will go on sale at some point. I saw two AG dolls at goodwill last week,but they were $30.00 each and I couldn't afford them :( I still haven't been to an American Girl store yet,but maybe one day...blessings
Oh,yes...I received my little dolls...thanks again :)