Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our mini Christmas trip...Part 2...Pike Place Market

Saturday, December 1st was a bit wet, but that's to be expected in Seattle!
After a delicious breakfast at our motel, included with our stay, we headed down the I5 to Seattle, taking exit 166 and traveling down a few streets straight to Pike Market.
I'd been here once before, back in 2007 with Matthew at Christmas.
This market was opened in August 1907 and is the longest running farmer's market in the USA.

The first shop we entered on the sideways leaning floors on the 2nd level was a Polish gift shop.
Remember that I posted about my Great Grandpa Gusa making a willow laundry basket for my Mom?
Apparently this is a Polish pastime and here are a bunch of beautiful willow baskets made by hand in Polish villages, ranging in price from $27 - $34. I would love to have one.

Beautiful handmade Polish dishware.

Polish costumes. It's really odd that although my Great Grandpa Gusa was Polish, no one ever mentioned that fact. I was always informed about the GERMAN side of the family!

A very old washroom, but very clean. I love the tile work.
I took pictures of that but I won't bore you with it here!

On the 2nd floor there are all sorts of funny shops. This one had thousands of tiny glass animals.

The 3rd floor has food items. I prefer Granville Island myself, but this market is very interesting and full of spooky sensations. I found out later that a mortuary used to be here, and it's one of the most haunted places in Seattle. That I believe.

An outdoor Christmas tree.

This was my favourite part of the market.

Heading down an ancient wooden ramp, back to our car which we parked outside.
We took it down and around until we found Pioneer Square, where we spent a very strange 1 1/2 hour in Underground Seattle.

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