Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 12 12

12 12 12
That looks really neat. I can't believe we've had 12 years of such fun!
Back on 01 01 01 I had never heard of blogging.
I kept a paper journal, and I'm sure I must have written on that day.
I'm not quite sure where my paper journals are kept but I believe they are in one box.
So much has changed for me in the past 12 years. I guess it has for all of you too.
Half the time I forget I may have an audience out there in Blogland as my readers are nearly mute.
I appreciate everyone who leaves a comment.
Many of you wish for me to reply but alas, you don't leave a way to get in contact!
If you leave your email address with your comment I will always get back to you eventually.
Enjoy the 12 12 12 day!


Simply Shelley said...

This will always be a memorable day for daughter received her certificate as a Registered Nurse..I am so proud and happy for her :) Christmas blessings to you and yours Loretta

jenann said...

And thank You for your interesting blogs, Loretta! I have just realized where to find your direct email to contact you! Duh! I am still a little dim when it comes to blogger and how their pages are laid out.
Happy and peaceful Christmas to you and your family.