Tuesday, December 11, 2012

St. Nicholas Day dinner on Dec 4, 2012

Last Tuesday, Dec 4, we met my parents at Minoas Greek Restaurant on Smith and Kingsway.
We've been having St Nicholas Day dinner there for many years now. This was my Mom's idea, as Matthew loved opening wooden shoes when he was little on Dec 6, which is a Dutch tradition.
There aren't any Dutch restaurants close by, so we have gone here.
The first few years of the tradition, my Mom made roast turkey dinner. That became too much work!

I tried caviar for the first time and love it. I was surprised. We also had garlic mushrooms for appetizers. Yummy.

My Dad and Matthew, who cut his hair short recently. I think he looks very handsome. My Mom misses his little ponytail!

Me and my Mom...tee hee...in Christmas colours!

Robert and I. He had lamb and I had chicken. He ate all his, and I saved half for later.

Mmm...it's always delicious.

The restaurant's Christmas tree.

My parent's lovely condo.

My Dad and Mom. I love Mom's tree. 

Having lots of my Mom's baked goodies, and hot tea. It was a lovely evening.

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