Monday, January 14, 2013

1901 Wales Census...Palmer Family

I am really on a roll! In Nov 2012 I subscribed to "World Vital Records" through a genealogical magazine which I get email updates from. They had a great bargain for 14 months that I couldn't resist, and so I am beginning to use their records and learning how to navigate their website.
I decided to search the Wales 1901 census and see if I could find my Palmer family.
I'm happy to report I found them easily.
Here they are, listed from my great great grandfather's name, George Palmer on line 1, down to the youngest child, Charles. Update: the children with a "g" beside the words son or daughter are actually grand children! I wouldn't have noticed this, but this census comes with a typed page transcribed by someone, which is a great help when you cannot read the handwriting! I wonder who they belonged to.
They lived at 116 Hollow but I haven't yet located a picture of the house on Google maps.

I cropped their names so you can see the details better.
Just click on the image to see a larger view.
George, age 58, was a fabric glove cutter in Stoke Under Ham in Somerset, England.
His son, Herbert, age 15, was a marker in the glove factory.
I am so curious as to which glove factory this may have been!

The above closeup shows where each one was born.

I played around on Google last night for quite a while, looking for Stoke Under Ham.
The place doesn't exist anymore. The name was changed to Stoke sub Hamdon.
I haven't heard of this place, although I've heard of Somerset.
While poking about, I found the above map, and the pink dot is beside the words: "Glove Factory"!
This would have to be the very same one which the Palmer men worked at.
Isn't that fascinating?
It seems like I am consumed with the desire to research day and night to discover more about my ancestors, now that I've had a bit of success! This has become my Hobby of the Year. I believe I'm totally addicted. 
By Loretta Houben


jenann said...

I love the names they gave their children in those days. Imagine looking at a little baby and saying, 'I know! Let's call him Percy!' I had a Great Uncle Percy too. Also one called Tredegar-Royal .. always known as Roy to the family and it took me ages to find records of him as I had no idea of his full name.
I wonder which names that seem modern today will be thought old-fashioned in years to come?

Chatelaine said...

That is so cool. my Dad is into geneaolgy and he has traced back many generations.