Saturday, January 12, 2013

1911 Wales Census...Palmer Family

1911 Wales census showing my great grandparents family:
Herbert and Florence Palmer and their household.
I took pictures of the page using my digital camera at the downtown library yesterday.
They have a library edition of which I can use for free.
Ancestry is a wonderful site which is extremely easy to use and navigate.
I'm very impressed with it.

I took closeup photos of each section.
This shows a list of the names in the household.
I was surprised that only one household was on the page.
Florence is actually 2 years younger than Herbert but it lists her as age 25.
I didn't know that Herbert had a brother named Ralph, and I was surprised to see he lived with them.
May is my paternal Grandmother, age 3 on this census.

I was also surprised to discover my great grandfather's occupation in 1911: hotel bus driver!
I knew he worked as a collier in Penygraig in 1915, and assumed that was always his job.
Now I understand why a census is such an interesting document to a genealogist.
I wonder what the name of the hotel was where he and his brother worked?

The next section...I don't know what the blue cross outs mean.

The names of the places where each one was born.

The language they spoke.

Even the number of rooms in the house!

My great grandfather's signature.
It appears he filled out the whole form; didn't he have beautiful handwriting?
This is a new address for me; I never knew they lived on this street.

Here is a picture of 23 Lewis Street from Google Maps.
A friend who follows this blog, Jenni, figured out which house was actually #23, as when I visited the street in Google maps it showed a different place. Jenni explained that Google maps will do that once in a while; it chooses the most visited place and assumes you want to see it too!


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