Monday, January 28, 2013

June 1957; a visit from great Uncle Bert Palmer!

I'm having quite an exciting month with vintage photos!
I'd never seen a little Kodak album with these pictures before.
My Mom had me over for a lovely Sunday lunch yesterday while my hubby was at Winter Camp with the cub scouts. It was a delicious lunch of cold ham and homemade salads and hot rolls. Mmm...
Then my Mom showed me the little album! That's my great uncle, Bert Palmer, above, just landed from England for a visit. In those long ago days, 56 years ago, you could walk out on the tarmac at Vancouver airport here in BC and meet the passengers coming off the plane. Amazing.

Here is uncle Bert looking at my Mom's wedding album.
That's my Mom, Susie, on the left, and my cousin Linda Town on the right.
My aunt Lilly Williams is on the right too. This was at my grandparent's home at 3177 E 22nd Ave.

My great uncle Sydney Palmer, my grandma Alma May Williams, and my great uncle Bert Palmer.
My Grandma looks very happy to have two of her brothers with her. She was 49 in this photo.

A picture of the whole clan!
Uncle Harry on the left holding Craig, Sydney, Grandpa John and Grandma Alma May Williams, Bert, Joan, Lilly, Aunt Audrey holding daughter Linda, Gordon, aunt Glenys.
Front row: Derrick, Bob, Jacqueline, Dennis, Ruth, and Cheryl. Some of the kids are my cousins and some aunts and uncles.

Another view of the airport, June 1957, waiting for Bert to arrive.
Great uncle Sydney, Grandma Alma May, great Aunt Joan holding Jacquie, and Cheryl.
I just love these photos!

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