Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Palmer Homestead in Lac Vert, SK, Canada

My cousin, Jacqueline, sent me these photos today, which I'd never seen before.
I can cheerfully tell you that "new" photos cheer me up no end!
This is in Lac Vert, Saskatchewan, where the Palmer homestead was situated.
I had no idea that's where they lived; I always thought they lived in Spalding.
The trees and bushes surrounding the house and the country lane leading up to it are very pretty.
It reminds me a bit of Amity Oregon, minus the rolling hills.

The poor dear old house.

My great uncle, Sydney Palmer, standing beside his boyhood home.
The Palmer family lived here from 1927 - 1932.
My great grandfather, Herbert, worked in the mines in Alberta. Jacqueline gave me this information today. I always assumed he farmed. I know so little about my great grandparents, so learning about them now is quite thrilling to me. Uncle Sydney remembers that his father would stay awake on cold winter nights, stoking the fire so the family wouldn't freeze. Sydney also remembers taking his mother, Florence to the hospital when she was so ill, by horse and buggy, and he tried not to go over any bumps as she would cry out in pain. She passed away in hospital in 10 days. Sydney was 13 at the time.
What a very sad life.

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