Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy 24th birthday, Matthew!

It's Matthew's 24th birthday today!
We celebrated with my parents on Tuesday evening, and we plan to celebrate some more today.
Birthdays are such fun.
I find it difficult to believe our son is 24 already.
He's a fine independent young man, always joking around with a humorous twist.  
We still feel like kindred spirits.

I bought the cake from St Germain bakery at Metrotown.
It was filled with fresh whipped cream, sponge cake and fruit and covered in almonds.

Here is the birthday crowd.

Playing a crokinole game with Grandpa and Grandma.
Grandpa and Matthew won the round easily.
That's our Valentine tree in the background; you are not seeing things!
It was a pleasant evening, and we wish Matthew all the best in the coming year as he tries out new adventures. How the years have flown by! We have such wonderful memories which are precious and dear to our hearts as we watch Matthew mature into a young man. Life is good!

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