Sunday, March 3, 2013

March...a new month!

I snapped this photo today, March 3.
The sun has burst forth in all his glory.
It's a marvelous and stunning sight.
The Vancouverites have utterly forgotten 
what it looked like!
This is part of my crocus garden. I love crocuses! 

Yesterday it poured like it had never poured before.
The beginning of the day wasn't too bad, except I woke up with another migraine.
I still decided to travel out to Chilliwack and meet up with my sisters in law, Sylvia and Margaret.
They came down from Merritt to go to a women's expo at heritage park.
Robert kindly drove me and we 
had lunch together at Ricky's.
I gave Sylvia a birthday gift of 2 magazines; one a new sewing magazine she hadn't seen before.

Me and Robert on the left; Sylvia and Margaret on the right.
The lunch was scrumptious. It was so nice to meet like this!

Sylvia made her gorgeous dress; she inherited her lovely seamstress capabilities from her Mum!

You can just about see the heritage park place in the thickening rain clouds.
It was $6 each to get in; Robert stayed in the car and read a thick technical book.
We browsed around the crowded aisles. I didn't find much to buy; the only thing I got was a neat little burlap "bag" for my Mom and some Easter bags which were handmade. Everything was out of my price range but it was fun to roam around with Sylvia and Margaret.
We parted ways at 3 pm.

Robert and I backtracked to Alexander Ave to visit Classics, a paper store Sylvia told me about.
Here is a selection of cards I really liked!

Classics cards was right beside Dicken's Sweet shop, the same place we visited last April with my parents and some friends. It was just the same, and we tried out a pot of Yorkshire tea and a scone. It was delicious as always. It's a really neat place to visit.

I look a little startled. By this time I was ready for a long nap. The tea really helped.
It rained so hard on the way back I couldn't sleep at all.

This is the onramp to the new Port Mann bridge which connects Surrey to the mainland. The sun was shining in this part of the world. It was like another country.

I was really impressed with the new bridge. We flew over! It's the widest bridge in the world.

These are the cables which are quite infamous now. In January 2013 great lobs of ice fell off them during a winter storm, onto cars below, crashing into the windows and causing chaos. Something is terribly wrong in the engineering of the design of this beautiful bridge. In some ways man hasn't evolved very far at all. In another incident the street crew didn't think it was necessary to salt and sand the bridge deck during a winter storm, so there was a massive pile up of many vehicles in an early morning rush hour.

It was a really interesting way to spend a Saturday.
I hope we will visit with my sister-in-laws more often like this.
Maybe the next time it will be sunny all day!

By Loretta Houben

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Simply Shelley said...

What a lovely post. Looks like it was a fun time for all....that bridge is a sight for sure......blessings friend. I love the new look of your blog!