Monday, March 18, 2013

Meet my dentist, Dr. Cheevers!

Today I had my teeth checked and cleaned.
Since 1972 I've gone to Broadway Station Dental Centre, at the corner of Broadway and Commercial. My Mom worked at Scotia Bank back in 1955, which was located across the street where Blenz coffee shop now is. She needed a dentist so she began to visit Dr. Mikelson, who had his practice where Dr. Cheevers took over after he retired. It certainly doesn't FEEL like 40 years I've been having my teeth lovingly cared for by Dr. Cheevers! He's done a great job, and today I asked to have a picture taken with him. His office assistant, Maureen, is on the left.
Dr. Cheevers has always made me feel comfortable with the many woes of my odd teeth. I have chalky teeth which needed many fillings over the years, even though I took care of them so carefully. Then around 24 years ago one of my teeth broke, and I learned all about root canals and crowns! Thanks to Dr. Cheevers, I have 13 crowns in my mouth. Some of them are gold, and the newer ones are a beautiful white porcelain. I just love my dentist!

This is the office. The door is just past the wooden sign on the ground.
I love the painting on the side!

The list of dentists when you enter the ground floor door. 
To the right of the sign is a flight of stairs; to the left is an elevator.
My Mom never ever took the elevator when she brought me here for my dentist visits.
We always took the stairs!

At the top of the stairs stretches a long corridor.
Dr. Cheevers and staff are behind that far end door.
It always seemed to take forever to reach it when I was a child.

Getting closer!

Tee hee...Dr. Cheevers is Irish and loves to celebrate.
This is the sight I always welcomed after a grueling visit of pain.
Dr. Cheevers has also removed 3 of my wisdom teeth, one by one. The last one was impacted and had to be dealt with by surgery, by a specialist. I always loved to race down these stairs and into the fresh air. It's amazing that I've come here for 40 years, now going on 41. I'm blessed to have had such a great dentist! Thank you, Dr. Cheevers!


Weston Wadlington said...

Well, aside from taking care of our oral hygiene, it is also our dentists' job to educate us with the latest innovation in general and cosmetic dentistry. It's so common to hear people complain about their recent dental visit or how much they dread going to the dentist. That's why I love to read stories like yours; you are indeed happy with your dental visit, and it is clear that you love your dentist. It's refreshing! Thank you for sharing your joy with us!
Weston Wadlington

Latarsha Ghoston said...

One dentist in 40 years? that's amazing! It's really hard to find a dentist that we can trust these days, and you're very lucky to found yours. You had a great childhood memory to your dentist. I hope my daughter will do the same when she grows up and reminisce the day that we're together in the dentist's room.

Frederick Patton said...

It’s always best to have a trusted doctor you can go to when you have dental problems, even better if he has a light touch when it comes to these matters. And with 40 years of dental experience with you, he definitely knows his way around your mouth by now! Haha!