Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 15 - 19, 2013: a trip to Wigwam Resort in Arizona!

Two weeks ago, on Monday April 15, 2013 we flew to Phoenix Arizona!
I wasn't expecting this treat, but Robert's company members thought it would be nice if I accompanied Robert on his business trip in Arizona at the Spectrum Show held at the Wigwam Resort.
I've never stayed in a luxury resort before and it was delightful!
It was much better than I expected, too. I fell in love with this place.
It's set on over 400 acres of what once was a cotton plantation in the old days.
The cotton was used for Goodyear Tires!
We stayed in #421, which was an adobe style bungalow.
We just loved it.
Here I am at 7:30 pm on the night of our arrival. We drove to Bellingham WA and then waited 4 hours for our flight at 1 pm to Seattle. From there we caught a flight at 3:30 pm to Phoenix.
I'd forgotten how very tiring airports and flying are! 
At the Bellingham airport I saw news footage on CNN over and over again of some sort of bombings in Boston. I didn't think much of it, until later that evening. What a mess the world is in.

Here is our wonderful huge bed.

Here is our gigantic huge room with a kitchen alcove on the right; only no fridge or stove.

We went out immediately to find food. The only thing open was Taps restaurant, so we shared a tart, which was exactly like a pastie, and a huge chocolate chip cookie for desert.

Tuesday April 16 we could finally see the beauty of the resort.
There are hundreds of little bungalows scattered all over.
I didn't gain any weight here as there was so far to walk.
Our little place had its own patio area.

This is near the pool, and by the bar where we had breakfast the first day.
It was much too expensive, so each of the following days we drove to Denny's and shared breakfast for only $12. The palm trees aren't native to Arizona. But they grow well where planted!

This was just in back of the pool, and I passed it whenever I headed towards the front. The roses were just glorious!

I always sat near the first orange umbrella on the left side of the photo.
There were hardly any people in the pool until Thursday. It was rather chilly for AZ but perfect for us!

After breakfast on Tuesday, I went for my appointment at 10 am at the Red Door Spa.
For 16 years I'd heard about it, as that's how long Robert has worked on their website, updating and maintaining it. At last, I was treated to a day at the Spa! It was everything I had imagined.

I got the young woman to take a picture of me, before heading off to my massage treatment. It was heavenly. Afterwards I went to have my first facial. It was exquisite. Then I had a manicure, and lunch outside by the Spa pool. No one was in it. Too chilly in the shade!

I felt quite pampered. This was Robert's anniversary gift to me.
I absolutely enjoyed it and wish all women could have such a treat once in their lives, and preferably once or twice each year! It makes you feel very special and pampered. Robert had a 1/2 off discount so I bought some lovely lotions and potions, and am enjoying them here at home.

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Simply Shelley said...

Glad you got to take the trip. Its quite a different climate than what you are used to,isn't it? :) My daughter was in New Mexico for about a week and loved it....blessings friend