Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nellie Williams, my paternal Grandpa's first wife.

Due to things mostly beyond my control, the genealogy searching came to a halt for a few weeks, but now that my Arizona trip is over and the weather is still wet, I've turned back to it again.

My Grandpa John Griffith Williams' first wife, Nellie, is haunting me.
For some reason I need to find out more about her. My goal for this year is to discover when she and my Grandpa were married, and when their two sons were born.
One of my second cousins, Della, sent me a link to the Cemetery Project a few months ago.
If you click on the link it will show you the above photo.
Very kind volunteers spend time taking photos of cemeteries and uploading the gravestone photos online. Now isn't this considerate of them? Della and I feel sure that Mrs. John Williams, listed second from the bottom on the right hand side of the above stone in Bigstone Cemetery in Spalding Saskatchewan, must be "OUR" Mrs. John Williams. 
According to my Mom who remembers stories clearly, Nellie died shortly after her youngest son, Harry, died. The story went that she died of a "broken heart" but that is just a story. She most likely died of some disease, maybe the same thing little Harry died of. He was 5 years old. My Mom said that  my Grandpa buried her on the farm in Spalding, but she of course had to be re-buried properly in the local cemetery. Bigstone Cemetery is located in Spalding. This would have been in 1926, but if this is our person, why didn't my Grandpa bury her with her first name listed? It's so very strange to me.
Here is a picture of the Bigstone Cemetery.
It is now taken care of by the Dovre Lutheran Church in Spalding, so I will try to contact them this week, if at all possible, and see what became of the church records.

And here is Nellie Williams once more, just so you don't forget her face!

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