Thursday, May 23, 2013

A lovely Sunday afternoon and a hike to Beaver Lake.

We hiked to Beaver Lake on Sunday May 19. This lake is in Stanley Park, which is 1000 acres in size in the middle of Vancouver BC. It's a beautiful place to spend the day. But we went there on the spur of the moment, after having lunch with friends at a Korean restaurant on Robson St. Yes, we walked to the park from Robson and Nicola, but we all had good walking shoes! We went along the fairly new walkway at the water's edge, through the rose gardens and to the lake, such as it is. It's very overgrown as you can see by the above photo.

Huge skunk cabbage, or swamp lantern. The bright yellow flowers have bloomed off.
Professor Robert told us that the native Indians used the leaves to wrap their food.

Professor Robert in action, pointing out the flora and fauna to Jay.

Beautiful iris.

A large beaver dam.

Proof that I was at Beaver Lake. It's a kilometer in circumference.

A portion of the rose gardens, which aren't in bloom yet.

Vancouver in the background.
Yun, Peter, Robert, me, Maryanne and Jay.
Genett took the picture. This is a small portion of our Small Group.
(Bible study group which meets each Thursday evening.)

At Sura Korean restaurant. Peter and Maryanne treated us to lunch.
It was superb. I loved it all, especially the pork and the Korean noodles and the beef.

After the feast. I loved how it was served and presented and loved the decor.
The waitresses were too busy and I didn't want to ask them to take a picture while we were seated.
It was a lovely Sunday afternoon!

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Helen said...

What a lovely way to spend your day.
Glad you had a good time.