Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Grandpa; Night Barn Man from 1946 - 1954!

I scanned this in today. I have a few paper items and old photos yet to scan, which I borrowed from my Dad last fall! I'd forgotten about them.
This is a letter of recommendation for Mr. JG Williams, dated April 26th, 1954.
Click on it to enlarge. I find it fascinating that the dairy, which took over Crystal Dairy, still used HORSES to pull their milk carts! Unbelievable! What a sight that would have been.
The dairy was located at 1803 Commercial, and I checked out Google map last night, and discovered the original building is still there! I will post more photos later as I scan them in.
That's my Grandma's writing on the letter above; she always liked to mark things.

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