Thursday, June 20, 2013

1883: the Bellamy's residence in Cardiff Wales.

According to information I received from Della, a 2nd cousin, Florence Bellamy was born on November 20, 1883 at 2 Janet Street, Roath, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. 
(now known simply as Cardiff) 
So I thought I'd visit my favourite online activity again; Google maps!
I took this picture of #2 Janet St on June 19, 2013.
The amazing thing about Wales is that everything is preserved, quite unlike Vancouver BC.
This area of Cardiff seems to be quite run down though.
However, you can get a glimpse of the place where my great grandmother was born.

Another view; I wish I could see the back yard.

Looking down Janet Street. It seems quite bare without any flowers or trees.

What you can see across the street. I love to "flesh out" my ancestors lives, as I know so little about them. Florence moved far away from Janet Street, and I'll follow her places of residence in the next few blog posts.

A zoom out into map view, showing where Janet street is located.
Adeline and Marion streets are beside Janet; I wonder who they were named after?
Across Railway Street is Zinc, along with other metal names and jewel names.
I find it interesting to study the names of streets.
In 1891 Florence's parents were living at #5 Zinc Street.
I'll blog about that in the next post.
By Loretta Houben

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