Thursday, June 20, 2013

1891: the Bellamy's residence in Cardiff Wales.

In 1891, according to the Welsh census for that year, William and Elizabeth Bellamy with their 6 children were living at #5 Zinc Street in Cardiff, not far from Janet Street where Florence had been born. This area looks much better and more well preserved and taken care of. I find it interesting that row houses are so popular and have only appeared here in British Columbia recently. My Dad thinks the ones here look like cattle barns! I inserted a row of stars above door #5.

The view down Zinc Street. There are no flowers and only one tree in the distance.
It seems quite barren to me, but maybe the back yards if there are any contain more colour and foliage.

The Google map showing where Zinc Street is located.

The 1891 Welsh census documenting the Bellamy family's address.
I'm becoming exceedingly fond of census images and am grateful to find them online.
By Loretta Houben

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