Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labour Day and a 58th Anniversary!

On Labour Day, Sept 2, 2013 we invited our family over for a celebration.
We had a feast planned, which was to be eaten on our new deck!
Plus it was also to celebrate my parent's 58th wedding anniversary on Sept 3.
But it was so hot and muggy outside, we had to eat inside.
Our new deck, installed by a friend of the family, is wonderful.
However it needs a railing around it, and some sort of awning so it's not quite finished.

My parents admiring the new deck and my flower garden.
You can see we live in the big city. The skyline is growing.
The land they stand on used to be a fruit orchard, then a warehouse site.

Robert BBQing marinated sweet and sour chicken and beef strips.
We love our new deck! Mom brought a macaroni salad, and I made a 7th heaven salad.
We also had crackers and Brie cheese and corn on the cob.

Kelsie loves bubbles!

She tries to catch them. She loves it when company comes over.

We had tea and a black forest sponge cake from St. Germain's bakery.
Happy 58th anniversary, dear Mom and Dad!
God bless you both.

by Loretta Williams Houben

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