Monday, September 16, 2013

School work in Grade One 1966 continued.

A scanned copy of my colouring skills at the tender age of 6.
I so loved to colour and I have kept all my colouring books.

This is underneath the little duck above, but I had to scan it in two sections.
I think my printing skills are exceptional for age 6, don't you?

I didn't like the hard crayons we had in school. They were given to us free with our other school supplies. They weren't made of wax but of some very hard substance. The colours were also very limited. We were given pencils, a jar of white paste, crayons, an eraser and a ruler. We were also given our lined notebooks, and notebooks which were half lined and half blank, for drawings.
We were also given lots of work like the images I'm scanning here.
We kept our school supplies in our own containers which we supplied, in our desks in the classroom. The door was kept locked after the bell rang, and nothing was ever stolen from my desk.
My school boxes were always a used chocolate box, covered in "mac-tac" paper which my Mom bought from Harvey's hardware store on Kingsway and Slocan Street. We were allowed to choose our own mac-tac paper, and we helped Mom cover the boxes on the Labour Day weekend.

If you read the above description closely you'll see that I didn't follow directions too well, and I guess I left off a drawing of the skates because I couldn't draw skates!

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Simply Shelley said...

Great coloring for just a little mama kept some of our school work as fun to look back at....blessings on your weekend my dear dolly friend.