Monday, September 16, 2013

School work in Grade one: 1966

It's September which around here is school time for Canadian kids.
My only son left the nest years ago, and my school days seem a life time ago.
However I always remember school days during this month, as summer winds to a close, and before Thanksgiving arrives on the second Monday in October.
I dug through my old school things, and decided to scan some of my ancient school work into the computer and post a few choice items here.
Do any of you living in Canada remember Janet and John, Lucky and Buttons, Mother and Father and little Anne? (spelled with an "e") On the exercise above I had to cut and paste the matching names. I see I got an "A" but didn't have time to colour! I was always a perfectionist and found it a  little tricky to keep up in class. My teacher for Grade One at Sir Wilfred Grenfell Elementary School on Wellington Avenue in Vancouver BC was Miss White. I hated her with a passion. She was very young, blonde haired, stylishly dressed, strict and had beautiful printing and handwriting. I also had her for Grade Two. After two years of striving, I did manage to learn neat printing and handwriting, skills which I kept all my life. Thank you, Miss White!
Here is my Grade One Class. There is the pretty Miss White on the right.
Isn't her blonde hair lovely? But beware; she has no patience for young girls in class!
I'm sadly not in this photo. I had one of my perpetual fall colds at the time. 
Here are the names of the pupils as I remember them:
Back row, left to right: Paulo Burlo, Howard Bird, ?, ?, Michael Poropat
Next row: Steven Stack,?,?,?,?,?  I can't remember any of these!
3rd row from top: Stephen ?, Gordon ?, Debbie Bear, Carolyn Farrel, Heather Mason, ?, Miss White
Bottom row: Shirley Lee, ?, Tracy McGovern, Diana Scotland, Nancy Moore, Michelle Rafferty, Louise Haw, ?
Whew, that was a strain on the brain! 
All in all, I loved Grade One.
By Loretta Houben

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Linda said...

Very cute! I am dyslexic so my grade 1 stuff isn't nearly as neat! Mind you I also was only 5 in grade one, I started my school life at the tender age of 4 in kindergarten! My mom bought all our school supplies at 1.49 day at Woodwards my most favorite ever Canadian store and I miss it so!) the district/ city of Burnaby didn't supply school supplies. My mom bought Sargent crayons and I loved them!