Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Our Thanksgiving weekend 2013...Part Two

We were all up bright and early on Sat Oct 12, eating breakfast at 7:15 am if you can believe it! We stayed at the Comfort Inn and they provided a delicious breakfast with the price of our room. The rooms were nice and only $89 each; Linda paid lower as she booked without the advantage of cancellation if she couldn't make it down. I just can't do that! I'm too nervous that something will go wrong at the last minute. The Comfort Inn is very clean. The only thing which was not good this time is that we were in room 117 on the side where the Denny's restaurant is located. Gangs assemble in the Denny's parking lot at 1:30 am and put their stereos full blast and zoom around the parking lot. It's very scary. So if you go to this Inn, don't stay on the Denny's side!

Valnora, a member of the BSC, spotted me at the doll show and called my name! I was pleased to meet her. She takes cute photos of her dolls. She is from Oregon. Do you see the funny vendor in the back, photo bombing my picture? That is just so funny. We arrived at the Puyallup fair grounds at 8:30 am for early admission which was wonderful as it wasn't crowded.

I loved this Jackie Chimpky Bleuette, but she was $200.

There were so many cute dolls to see! I always get exhausted quickly. It's a sensory overload!

This is a Kestner beauty. She was my favourite.

Another antique beauty of some kind.

This was a doll and teddy bear show, but there weren't too many teddy bears!

Hmm...this is what I bought. Everything was from the doll show, except for Caroline and her mini Caroline doll.

I love the artist Dutch doll. She is by John Nissen. Linda spotted Bitty Baby; she was only $30. I wanted one to sew for.

Linda and I treated ourselves to roast turkey dinner at Elmer's, close to our hotel. Robert had pot roast. The food was sooooo good! It was a tiring but wonderful day. I'm thankful for Robert's patience. After dinner we had a dip in the pool at 10 pm. 

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