Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January discoveries.

William Joseph Williams
Isn't this a lovely photo? Graham at the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Facebook page enlarged it and added it to the page, and it looks so nice I saved and added it here.
During January I have attended one genealogy meeting in the central library branch, and done a bit of searching online. In connecting with Graham, who is a historian for the RWF museum in Wales, I've had a few more questions about my great uncle William answered which has made me very happy.
Graham kindly sent me 10 pages from the book I mentioned in a previous post, and the content describes the battle my great uncle fought in. 
Graham also sent me a copy of William's medal index card! 
(see above)
It shows the date of his enlistment in the army; Sept. 5, 1915.
It's amazing what lies out there in cyber land. I am always astounded when I poke about and find new things like this. It makes me anxious to find out more.
I've written my 6th article for the RCC Newspaper on the subject of family tree information.
The topic for February is the 1921 Canadian census. The editor said it was quite wordy at 800 words, but she said it was so interesting she couldn't chop it down smaller. 
That made me feel great! My passion for genealogy research is growing by leaps and bounds.
A few of my relatives are excited like me, and I wish there were more of us. 
By Loretta Williams Houben

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