Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking in old telephone directories...

On January 2, 2014, Robert and I visited the main library in downtown Vancouver.
I discovered the telephone directories on the 7th floor.
The above line showing Robert Houben's name, address and phone number, with the heart next to it, is from the 1982 Vancouver telephone directory. This was the first apartment we rented for $357, from Jan 1982 - May 1985. In 1985 we moved across the hall to a larger 2 bedroom apartment so Robert could have a computer room! I always thought it was neat that our telephone # ended in 82.

The above address with AM Houben's name, with the yellow paper clip next to it, is Robert's older brother. For a time Robert lived here with Antoon, before I met him in 1980. I believe Antoon co-owned this house with a friend.
This is the cover of the 1982 telephone directory.

This is the front cover of the 1982 telephone directory.
Do YOU think it's more fun to find things online, or in person like this?
I adore paper ephemera!

I also discovered BC Directories! Some of these are online up to 1955.
This one is from 1963 and shows my parent's old address when they were living in their 2nd house on Euclid Street.

I knew my parent's phone number, so I looked it up in the 1963 directory, and here is my Dad's name and where he lived 50 years ago! He is the 4th name from the top. I think this is just SO COOL!
By Loretta Houben

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