Friday, January 3, 2014

Family genealogy plans for 2014.

In 2014 my plans for researching more in the Williams/Palmer family tree branch are to find the birth and marriage documents for my great and great-great grandparents on the Williams and Palmer side. I'm not quite sure how much this will cost, so I will tread carefully!
I plan to contact my cousin Della and try to keep more in touch this year. She was the one who helped me way back in 2007 when we had the opportunity to visit Wales and England on our European trip in July. She has done research and given me the names on the Palmer side, up to Samuel Palmer, born in 1767 or 1768. He was married to Mariah Chaffey, and is my great great great great grandfather.
While poking around online the other day, I found a list of Stoke sub Hamdon baptisms from the 1700s. I snipped these two items:

I think this John Palmer MAY be my great great great grandfather, as the parents listed are Samuel and Mariah. I'm not sure how to verify it. The information that Della gave me is that John Palmer was born in 1814 and baptized on August 17, 1814. But I don't know where she got her dates. So this is just one thread to figure out and verify.
I snipped the information from this website.
By Loretta Houben

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