Saturday, June 21, 2014

My 54th birthday.

This was the other week, when Matthew was here for dinner. I had a quiet birthday as I'd had a migraine the day before, alas (first one in 9 weeks though) and Robert had a horrible cold/cough.
This is our little Jack Russel Terrier, Kelsie. For some reason she loves to be held when anyone is being sung the birthday song! She loves candles on cake too.
I rarely post on this blog so I'm going to remedy that and get back to blogging.
Facebook is so hectic but my little blog is very quiet. Now that I'm writing more and have had an article published EACH MONTH since September 2013, I feel like I've accomplished part of what I wished to do in life. It's really true that the more you read, the better you can write.
It's quite amazing and still one of my all time favourite past-times.
Currently I write a family tree tips article for the Renfrew Collingwood Community newspaper, and now I'm in charge of the Senior's Connection page in the same newspaper.
This past Monday June 16 I attended a senior's wellness group at CNH and spoke with an author, May Wong, who has recently published her family history, "A Cowherd in Paradise". She read from her book and it was so interesting I purchased it. It took her six years to write. It has inspired me.

Today is the first day of summer, the longest day in the year, and fortunately it's a gorgeous sunny day with a clear blue sky. Just perfect. This is my favourite season. The collage above shows photos of the azaleas and rhododendrons at Deer Lake last month. May was a divine month for flowers and weather. Some days reached 90 F!
I'm happy to have reached 54 and glad God has blessed me so richly.
By Loretta Houben

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Simply Shelley said...

I am just a bit ahead of you as I will be 55 in August. Your little Kelsie is so sweet. My Duke loved Christmas and all things to do with it. Next month he will be gone a whole year. I have really missed him, had he lived he would have been 15 now. Blessings on your 54th year my friend