Friday, June 20, 2014

Anne of Green Gables...PEI memories.

It was 6 years ago today, June 20, 2008 that I was here on this hallowed red soil in PEI.
It was a dream come true. Robert knew I'd love it. He had visited in 1977.
Above is the birthplace of LM Montgomery, one of my absolute favourite authours.

Here is Lucy's room where she was born in 1874, 140 years ago!

Green Gables museum. This was a pretty spot, but I loved all the other spots equally as well.
All had the flavour which LM inserted into her books.

Anne's special dress from Matthew Cuthburt with the puffed sleeves.

Robert and I walking down dear lover's lane.

The cordial was delicious.

After walking through the haunted wood about 1/4 mile from Green Gables, the pathway opens into the graveyard where LM is buried.

This spot was where LM Montgomery wrote "Anne of Green Gables".
The old homestead is gone.
It was a trip I'll never forget.
By Loretta Houben


Simply Shelley said...

I really enjoyed seeing all these pictures and reading of your visit to PEI. A visit there for me would be a dream come true. I love the Anne of Green Gables stories. Blessings friend

Jane said...

Oh, I love your photos! That is one place I'd really, really like to visit! Loved the books - and the movies too!!! Thanks for sharing your visit with us!

Loretta said...

Hi Shelley and Jane! I'm so used to Facebook I wanted to hit "like" for your posts. Tee hee...thanks for taking the time to reply. I've read all the books many times, and I'm in the process of buying hard cover copies and giving my paperback ones away. I much prefer hard back for durability! I'm glad we are all kindred spirits.