Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My high school graduation dress...1978.

June 9, 1978
36 years ago!
I thought I was all grown up but realized that although I was 18 at last, and graduating from Windermere High School, I didn't know everything as I had imagined I would.
I wrote in my journal: "I wonder where I'll be 18 years from now..."
Now it's been another 18 years from "now" which I find unbelievable.
How the time flies when you're having fun!
This pretty baby blue dress was purchased from a store in McMinnville OR in 1977, the summer before, at a sale; it was only $15.00 US! It fitted me perfectly except for the length.
A few days before grad I was frantically hemming the delicate fabric ruffle and the lining.
I believe I weighed 92 lbs at the time. My parents gave me the lovely corsage from Crest Florists on Kingsway in Vancouver BC, and I had my hair done at Collingwood Coiffures in the same block.
This was one of the happiest times of my life.
By Loretta Houben


Betty said...

What a wonderful memory that you shared. Your dress is so 1970's with the ruffle along the bottom.

Jane said...

Such a pretty dress and wonderful memories for you!

Stephanie said...

Hello Loretta! I had a wonderful time scrolling through your blog and looking at your precious pictures :)

Your dress is quite beautiful, as are you!

Hugs to you!