Thursday, January 22, 2015

Our Generation Dolls

This is an online of the "Our Generation" dolls sold at Target.
But you might have heard the awful horrific news that all 133 stores which recently opened in Canada (they didn't open 50 years ago; ours opened in Nov 2013) are CLOSING in May 2015.
I never ever heard of anything so bizarre and atrocious and mind boggling as that, have you?
Anyhow, I never was a fan of Target as the prices are too high and it just simply isn't my style.
But, they did carry the OG dolls and accessories, and every time I was anywhere near Target at Metrotown, just for fun I'd pop in and look at them. I bought Sienna, pictured above, and a few accessories.

This is a set I'd certainly love to buy!

This baking set I DID buy last week, when I was in Target in Surrey.
The box was damaged so I got 10% off. It cost $22.99 Cdn plus tax and it is just darling.

This is so cute, but it's $130 Cdn so I don't think I'll be getting it.
I just discovered that the OG dolls are sold at Mastermind Toys in Canada.
I've never heard of that store, but apparently there are 3 nearby; Abbotsford, Coquitlam and Langley.
Living a Doll's Life has the post about it.
That is a very cute blog.
Loretta Houben

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Simply Shelley said...

My daughter Regina has one of the OG dolls , but I forget her name. She and I may go to Toys r us and check out The Journey Girls. The one you got is pretty cute. Have fun with your dolls Loretta. Blessings