Thursday, January 22, 2015

Formatting text!

I love to copy and paste text from Facebook into my Word document for future reference, especially notes on doll items. I have a problem with the blue background which comes with the text.
I hunted everywhere online to see how to get rid of it, but couldn't find the solution.
So I clicked around in my Windows bar on top, and discovered if I click on the A with the red marker/pencil next to it, it automatically removes the blue! Voila!!!!
Here is an example:

white silicone caulking, she added a couple drops of hot pink paint. Stirred. Then added more white to the top. 
The cups are communion cups from Mardels. The straws are the plastic middles of qtips

You simply highlight the text, then click on the little A with the red marker, and it formats the text automatically without the blue background. Isn't that cool? 
Loretta Houben

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