Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The second thing I've sewn this year...

This is the second doll item I've sewn this year; a new skirt for Grace!
She is thrilled, and this is the first time I've sewn for a GOTY! (girl of the year)
It was so cute, I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't have any felt so I used what I had on hand, a piece of cotton fabric someone gave me. The red lace was from my MIL's stash, so all I needed to buy was the white felt to make the little poodle, and the red and white baker's "twine" which was only $1.00 for a big roll! So it was a very low priced skirt indeed.

However, the skirt wrapped around the doll's waist twice, so I cut it down to size, and it just doesn't quite hang like a poodle skirt should. Oh well...I love the free poodle pattern provided, although I downsized it 60% on my printer so it would be the correct size.
The other outfit I made was for a customer.

This is what I created for her. She collects Chatty Cathy dolls, quite different from AG dolls, but nearly the same size. (21") I enjoy sewing for AG better as they have soft bodies, while Chatty is so hard and pudgy! However, my goal this year is to sew up as much of my fabric stash as I can.
The green fabric was also from my MIL's stash, and now it's gone. I made two dresses in total from it, so it was a profit for me. 
Did I ever mention that I love to sew?

Loretta Houben

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

That little poodle skirt is just adorable. I made one for a larger doll and it was a challenge! Have fun! Hugs, Diane