Friday, January 2, 2015

The 2015 GOTY!

Each day this year I will try to do one thing I really love.
That's one of my goals. I will also either blog about it or mark it down.
Yesterday afternoon I borrowed Robert's bus pass, and went downtown.
It was quite chilly but a gorgeous crisp sunny day.
Since last May 2014 an American Girl boutique (smaller than a regular store) has been on the second floor of Chapter's book store on Robson Street. Over the past year I've visited quite a bit, just to look at the displays and to pick up doll stands for my growing AG collection.
This is Grace Thomas, the GOTY (Girl of the Year) for 2015.
Since 2001, there has been a new girl with her own outfits and props and books.

I bought Isabelle Palmer last year because I had to buy at least ONE doll from a Vancouver store! There are four historical dolls sold here too, Samantha, Julie, Addy and Rebecca. I have them all except Addy. There are also the dolls which look "just like you". There are some outfits sold here, and the Bitty Babies. The store revealed Grace yesterday and handed out a free apron to each person. The first picture above was my first look at Grace. I couldn't decide if I liked her or not, as she has a different face mold with a rather pointy little chin, and freckles.
I will confess I don't like freckles and was glad I never had them on my face, although my arms are very freckled! I love a smooth peachy cream sort of complexion.
But this doll is growing on me, so who knows; maybe she will end up living here too.

I love this pink dress! I love the bistro card with the pastries!
It's $180 Cdn for the cart!

This is Grace's bake store, sold online only, and it's $500 US!

I also love the little bistro set which is $80.

The baking set is $80. Everything would sure add up.

This is the baking outfit.

Another view of the pastry cart.

Showing the prices of the doll and some items.

One of the outfits.

Grace's PJ set.

Another outfit and Grace's dog.

A close up of Grace's face. I really do love AG dolls as I think they are so well made. Robert really likes this one. He gave me a gift card for Chapter's store for Christmas, although I've already used a bit of it to purchase Isabelle's accessory set which was on sale last week for $18.
There were many young girls purchasing this doll yesterday, so I asked a clerk how well sales were doing and she said the dolls were flying off the shelves! She said it was their best sales day yet.
That's great news for me!

Here is the cardboard package on the left containing my free apron, and the little T-shirt is my only purchase yesterday. I laid it on the counter after two young girls had bought two Grace dolls ahead of me, and said "Here is my big purchase!" and the clerk laughed.
I also commented that I was so happy to find a T-shirt with "Canada" on it, and he said it was because so many customers had asked for one. Therefore it does pay to ask!
It was certainly a fun afternoon, and that was my good happy thing for January 1st.
By Loretta Houben


Simply Shelley said...

I think I really like this doll Grace. I just may have to start me a savings fund for her :) I've never own an AG doll before, but have always like them. Up to now, Emily has always been my favorite, but now its between her and Grace. Of course I do know Emily was retired :(
Blessings my dolly friend.....huggs

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea to do one thing each day that you love!My granddaughters got me into the American Girl dolls and I think I might have to get Grace. I have been watching your blog for a long time and I am so glad to see you posting more.

Loretta said...

Shelley! That would be wonderful if you could save up for Grace. Let me know if you do!

Loretta said...

Thanks so much, anonymous! I'm glad someone is reading these pages. * smile * I mostly blog for my own self, but I do so love reader participation.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I wish I could have gone with you...what fun! I'm trying to get ideas from all of the 18 inch dolls and make things to save money. It's fun, isn't it? Hugs!