Monday, November 16, 2015

Prayer of St. Francis

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Whenever world events hit close to home, and are very tragic (although yes I know there are tragic horrific events happening every day in some countries, much more than others) I begin to have nightmares. It has to work its way out of my brain. Last night I had a dream that the Skytrain was whizzing by me to Patterson Station and a huge billow of black smoke was coming out a door. It was so real. I called 911 in my dream and I could hear the ambulance in the distance as I raced to Patterson Station which is near Central Park. I was the only one on the scene, and I looked in the train which in my dream was massively larger than real life and there were people laying on the floor but no smoke and no explosions and no blood. Then the people began to move, got up and all began to leave the train. I begged them to stay as they were witnesses but they all left and ignored me, and I woke up. It was so real.

I just watched a grisly video on Reuters from the Dark Side (their name begins with an "I" but I don't wish to even mention it out loud) and they are threatening to invade WA DC next. We also need to pray for the world leaders and ones in power that they will have the wisdom to know what to do.
By Loretta Houben

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