Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas 50 years ago...

Christmas Eve 50 years ago.
I still remember the excitement of staying in our bedroom with the door closed, while my parents went downstairs into the basement and brought up our large gifts and put them beside the Christmas tree.
We couldn't figure out what they were up to.
Then they called us into the room and said to keep our eyes closed.
Leona and I were so surprised to see the beautiful shiny blue doll buggies, with diaper bags.
Tee hee....I'm wearing mine around my neck!
We played with those buggies for hours. We rolled them around the basement on rainy days, and outside in the yard around the house, and up and down the front street, on sunny days.
I still have mine. They were very well built, of blue aluminum. The hoods could fold down like a real buggy.
Marlene was 5 months old, and our new little sister that Christmas.
She had nearly died of whooping cough in October, so we were very fortunate to have her.

Christmas Day in 1965.
My mom made the dinner. My Grandma May Williams never ever had us over for Christmas dinner. I have no idea why. She was 57 in this picture, and grandpa John was 77. Uncle Dennis next to his mom on the left was 16. (he is 20 years younger than my dad) My Dad was 36. I was 5, Leona 3, and Marlene 5 months old. My dear mom is rarely in photos. I can't remember how old Uncle Bob would have been. He sure looks like Colin in this photo!
I have such happy Christmas memories.
By Loretta Houben

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