Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas memories from 1968

I had fun embellishing and tweaking these photos from 1968 in Picmonkey program.
It's a lovely and easy program to use!
I love the retro frames so although I've blogged about this Christmas before, I had to do it yet again.
My Dad, Jack Williams, was 39 in this photo. He always enjoyed Christmas Eve fun!
I loved how my Mom, Susie, wrapped these gifts. She used tissue paper, sticker stars and a lovely angel ornament, which I still have. The blue velveteen dress was one of my all time favourites.
The funny lumpy thing on the grey rocking chair is my teddy bear, dressed up, watching the scene.

Marlene, the youngest sister, age 3, got a really nice table and chair set which she used for years in her bedroom. She got a tea cup set, and a darling little doll with a house.
Leona got a neat breakfast set for her Barbie, by Mattel, and I got one exactly the same. I still have it. My mom who hated sewing, made Leona a lovely blue satin bride's maid dress, and a white satin wedding dress for my Stacy doll. She even made a darling bouquet of flowers and a veil.

I also got an Etch a Sketch, which is like getting an iPad today! I nearly wore that thing out.
I also got a marvelous Barbie doll size washing machine, which you can see on the rocking chair behind us. I washed many clothes in it. The agitator worked when you turned a yellow crank on the side. I still have it! I also got "The Bobbsey Twins at Plymouth Rock" and I loved reading that book many times. I was introduced to mystery stories and I've never been the same since.

We always opened our gifts on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Day we had our stockings.
This year we got little German made rubber dolls.
By Loretta Houben

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