Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Little Girls playing with their Dolls

“The dolls had been having their afternoon nap, but they were awake now, and Bertha said she heard them crying; so the little girls left off playing “Hide and Seek,” and went back to the nursery. Here Mary taught her doll to walk, leading her by the hand, and pretending they were out in the green fields; while Bertha tossed her child in the air – “the higher the better” – and made such a merry noise, laughing and talking to her, that if Dolly was not amused, it must have been her own fault.”
This adorable vintage engraving of two little girls playing with their dolls is from Little Folks and Little Friends by Oscar Pletsch, circa 1880.

This adorable vintage engraving, by Oscar Pletsch, features two little girls preparing dinner with their toy dishes, small table and play stove. Here is an excerpt of the story from the book: “…the little girls began to cook their dinner. It was great fun, Mary thought; indeed, she liked it almost better than playing with Dolly. She mixed the pancakes, while Bertha warmed the soup upon her little toy stove. “It is boiling splendidly already!” said she, before Mary had finished; – and that was all the more surprising, because – to tell you a secret – there was no fire in the stove! But “making believe very much” will do wonders, as I dare say you have found.”  

Aren't the above engravings adorable?
Little children had such fun playing make believe in past years.
I think too much electronic gizmos must rather fry their little brains.
I believe "make believe" play is very good for them.
I found these sweet illustrations on a lovely blog:
Old Design Shop
I found it by checking out Pinterest, a daily habit of mine!
By Loretta Houben

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