Thursday, December 17, 2015

Memories of past Christmases

Today I have a migraine, so the noisy things I was going to attempt to do today are put on hold. Ha...ha....I don't mind! I'd rather play around in my photo editing program anyhow.
My computer is in the shop again. I have a feeling the end of its life is near. It's only 2 years old. It's really sad when you think about it; everyone appears to "try" hard to keep Mother Earth intact, but I think most of the time they fail miserably.
Anyhow today is cold and actually snowed for a while. It didn't really stick for long.
I mailed the last of the Christmas cards, had a hot cup of coffee at the mall, and am in my nightie editing old photos.
I've posted these before on my blog, but because I'm using Robert's computer I don't have access to my photos, so I chose some from my blog and saved them, and re-edited them in Picmonkey.
The photo above is from Christmas 1966, and I'm wearing a red velvet dress. I loved velvet dresses! They were actually velveteen as they were washable and so very soft and warm. 
My mom wrapped our gifts so prettily. I don't remember what was in this one. I edited and cropped out the part with my doll dressed in a red and white dress, and added it to this photo.
She was my favourite doll until I got Francie in 1969. This doll was a pretend Barbie, more like Midge. She was flat chested. I got this dress for her this Christmas. I was very happy with that.

Here is the whole photo of the 3 of us. Aren't we sweet?
This is one time my mom put all our gifts on the table.
I always loved our big house. It had a nice sized living room with a dining area, and my mom would write/type her Christmas cards and letters here every year. The kitchen was just past it in a separate room. Our kitchen was quite small, but the rest of the house was huge and roomy.

Here is the doll close up in her new dress.

Christmas 1968. A closeup of myself.

Christmas 1967. I always received lovely gifts.
Christmas made me extremely happy. I loved everything about it; gifts, the tree, carols, the Sunday School Christmas concert, family coming over, the dinner, the excitement, time off from was all fantastic!

I re-touched this photo and added the banner.
I'm thankful for all my happy Christmas memories.
My parents made Christmas very special for us.
By Loretta Houben

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