Thursday, December 31, 2015

The last day of 2015.
It's hard to believe, as usual. But this year really whizzed past.
For me it was a difficult year for personal reasons which I won't go into.
I tried my best, yet could still try harder.
It was also a good year in other aspects. The 6 month drought in BC was phenomenal as it gave us many hot and sunny days. I felt sorrow for the dying trees, but other than that, I truly enjoyed all the sun and the glorious times spent outdoors in our little garden, and on our lovely back deck whenever the shade came round.

I seem to have collected a fair amount of new dolls this year.
I bought Grace Thomas on the right back in January.
Here she is enjoying a new pink dress which I got on sale a few weeks ago.
Grace was an extremely popular doll and her collection has sold out.

I took time this morning to dress and pose some of my dolls.
Raine is the newest doll, (2nd from left) bought a few weeks ago on sale at Sears.
She is Sears 18" doll version, and is the Newberry brand.
She is very cute and well made, and for only $32 Cdn is a very good price compared to $140 Cdn for an AG doll! 

I even made two party hats.
They were easy to do. I printed the free pattern from
This is a fantastic site for free printables and ideas.

It was fun to end the year with some dolly play time and photos.
The little star ornament is from Dollarama, and the little black hats are from another dollar store.
Did I ever mention I frequent them constantly?

I hope you and yours have a blessed New Year in 2016 filled with God's richest blessings.
May love increase, may cares all cease;
And all the world rejoice in peace!
(from an online card)
By Loretta Houben


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Loretta! Your dolls look so cute.

Loretta said...

Thank you, anonymous!