Sunday, January 17, 2016

Memories of Tony Houben and Barriere BC

I may have posted about this trip before, but am unsure.
I was looking through old digital photos on my computer, and came across these ones from 2004. We drove up to Barriere BC to visit Robert's Dad, Tony Houben. At that time he had Wim living with him in the house, and Mum had been gone for 3 years. I love the picture above of him. I always thought he might remarry as he was so handsome and such a nice man. But I guess no one struck his fancy like his wife Ruth.

Sometimes it's nice to create a collage of photos all together.
I used Picmonkey, my favourite photo program, to put these collages together.
Matthew was only 15 years old, and Margaret came up in our Ford Windstar van with us. It's hard to believe that she lived in Victoria at one time, from 1994 - 2005. She has been in Barriere for 10 years now!

Sometimes I get very nostalgic for those who have left us. Tony has been gone for 3 1/2 years now. I miss him so much. He always would give me a huge hug and nearly squeeze the breath out of me! It will be 35 years this coming March since I first met him. We took to each other right away.

Dad always baked Dutch waffles for us, a special treat as we don't get them anymore. I've tried making them but alas, I can't seem to get the knack!
March 2004 was a very balmy spring. The snow was melting and it was warm enough for light jackets. Dad had been living in Barriere for 10 years in 2004. He and Mum moved in 1994 and I didn't want them moving so far away. It's a 5 hour drive straight there without any stops. It's a beautiful drive but there sure isn't much there unless you enjoy hiking, fishing or hunting. But Mum loved it while she was there for 7 years.

There isn't a mall in Barriere, but there is the Aberdeen Mall in Kamloops, so we spent a few hours shopping there. It's changed a bit since this time; I spent many hours there last August while Robert was on business. It's still a very nice little mall.

A terrible horrific wild fire burned through Barriere in August 2003. It missed the homes and Dad's church by inches. But the mill in McClure was burned and it has never been replaced. Barriere was so pretty but after the fire it was ruined. It still looks quite bad although the bushes have grown back. However the trees were never removed or replaced so it doesn't have the charm it once did. But Antoon, Robert's oldest brother, has now made Barriere his home, so it does appeal to some! He moved there in June 2013 and is now living in Dad's old room. We rarely drive up there now. I still miss Dad so much.
By Loretta Houben

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