Monday, February 8, 2016

Family Day 2016

Today is Family Day here in British Columbia; 
a holiday for us.
I've been really ill for 12 days, ever since Thursday, 
January 28.
Ack!!!! It went straight into my chest. I visited the Dr on Monday February 1st, and he said I had bronchitis. He prescribed erythromicin, but it doesn't seem to have helped like it used to in the past. So either I had The Thing which is going around, or antibiotics don't work on me
like they used to.
Either way, after lounging 11 days on the couch, Robert took me out for a drive, as my cough is 80% better than it was. It was glorious to get out in the sunshine and see blue sky. It's rained most of January here, 
with snow on the mountains.
We went to Granville Island and had lunch
at Tony's Fish and Chips.
Matthew was working, so we saw him, 
but he couldn't join us for lunch.
We saw snowdrops and crocus blooming. I bought 5 primula plants, all colours, to put in the front porch planter.
Yesterday I was looking through photos from 2010 and came across the video clip above. I'd never thought to look at my video clips. This one is so lovely; very short, but so sweet.
I really miss my FIL so much. He died in 2012.
By Loretta Houben

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