Friday, January 29, 2016

Barbie's new look in 2016

The new look Barbie from Mattel.
You can Google them if you like.
I think they look odd. But my Mom will be happy!
She is 82 and she never liked Barbie due to her large chest size. Tee hee....she thought it wasn't modest for little girls to play with such a doll, so she never bought me one. She refused so instead I got a flat chested brunette knockoff doll from Woolworth's store on Hastings Street. I grew to love her, but secretly wished for the beautiful and glamorous Barbie doll. Seriously, would you like to have a fat doll? (known today as curvy) Yikes. Whatever for? I sure wouldn't. I'm "curvy" and short (now known as petite today) and I'd much rather be slim, glamorous and tall, even at my age. Yes, I'll admit it. 

I adored everything about Barbie in the 1960's. I'm so glad I grew up back then. She was part of a fantasy world, full of imagination and grownup glamour. I wouldn't have cared for a short or plump Barbie at all. Yikes.
An aunt gave me Stacey for my 8th birthday and I was delighted, mostly because of her bendy knees! 
I never did own a Barbie, but had Francie, Skipper and Ken. Well, as long as children enjoy good wholesome play, who am I to complain? 
But I do prefer the 1960's Barbie above all else.
What about you?
By Loretta Houben

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