Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hump Day

It's amazing and fun what you can find at the $ store!
I had to go out today in the rain to pay a visit to Stadium Station's transit office to ask about the Compass Card. The lovely faresavers are being phased out. If you buy booklets of 10, you get a nice discount; $31.50 instead of $40 for two zone, and $21 instead of $27.50 for one zone. So I purchased my Compass Card for $6.00 and added $52.50 to it. The big hitch with this method is: I must remember to TAP IN and also to TAP OUT or I will be charged for 3 zones! Ack!!!! Plus there is nothing to tell me what TIME I have remaining, unlike the paper faresaver. 
I don't know if I will travel less or more in 2016.
Time will tell.

While at the station, I decided to pay a visit down the street to a nice $ store.
It has interesting things, a lot from Japan. It reminds me of the Daiso store in Richmond but it isn't a Daiso store. I bought a pretty Japanese blossom table scarf, Japanese blossoms, a small Japanese doll, Chinese confetti, Chinese notebooks for our Bible study group, and plastic picks. It was a fun outing even if I did get a bit wet!
I still have 2 booklets of faresavers left, so I haven't used my Compass card yet.
By Loretta Houben

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