Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Recycle issues; blue box

Case # 7227635

It's a dismal wet day with rain.
No snow in sight.
But although our garbage was picked up today before 10 am, our blue box wasn't.
So at 4 pm I called 311 and reported the error and Sheena told me our whole area was missed due to reasons unknown.
So there you have it, case #2 already this year.
I wish I could get to the bottom of it...
By Loretta Houben
PS: The blue boxes were picked up on Thursday, January 28.
TWO men picked them up, while one of them drove the truck down the street.
I thought I was seeing double. Now why don't they always have two men?
It would go twice as fast, and then neither side of the street would be forgotten.

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