Monday, February 15, 2016

Memory Monday...the family cookie jar.

I just love this photo. It shows the kitchen counter area and sink at our little house on Euclid Street in Vancouver BC. I lived here from 1960 - 1963. I remember the kitchen the best, and a bit of the living room. I can't remember any other part of the house. I don't remember the bathroom or my bedroom. Isn't that odd? I remember one hot summer day watching my Mom cut a Popsicle in half, and wishing I could have the WHOLE thing! I loved store bought Popsicles. I also remember eating toast at the kitchen table which was just across from this area in front of a window. It was a very small house.
I recently inherited a large yellow cookie jar, and this is the only photo in which it appears. It's behind the loaves of bread on the left side of the counter. 

I remember my Mom's delicious cookies, especially her gingersnaps which were my favourites. My Mom has always been an excellent baker and cook. She rarely bought cookies when we were growing up.
This picture was taken a few days after I was born, in June 1960. My Mom's sister, Lydia and her husband, Louis Buzynski had decided to drive up after their mother's funeral in order to cheer up their father, Adolph Brutke. Can you imagine? Yet no photo exists with him and I together. It's really odd to me. My poor Mom was exhausted with my birth in which she nearly died from a hemorrhage, and she was grieving for her mother who died when I was 10 days old on June 25. 
Yet here all this company came to visit, unannounced, and they all stayed in this little house! 
It's so strange what family members will do. And there's my dear Mom making lunch for everyone as in those days no one went out for fast food as they couldn't afford it.
I do so wish I had a picture of me and my grandpa, whom I never knew.
He died in 1971.

By Loretta Houben

PS: Here are recent photos of the cookie jar I just can't part with.
My Mom gave it to me in 2015. It's sitting in my kitchen, but if I ever had to fill it I'd need at least 3 dozen or more large cookies! It's in fantastic condition.
Underneath it says "Royal Haeger, R1657 USA".
I looked up that name on Google and discovered that it's a pottery in Illinois near Chicago, and was founded in 1871!
Here is the link: Haeger Potteries

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