Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hump Day, Feb 17, 2016

The first Hump Day in February, due to bronchitis.
I was sick for nearly 3 weeks. The Dr. said it was bronchitis but I have my doubts as I've never had anything that took this long to get over! He prescribed Erythromisin, an antibiotic, and it seemed to help the first few days, but the chest congestion just wouldn't go away, until I hastened to a pharmacist and asked for a cough decongestant which I found out was only made in the USA. (cannot remember the name of it) But she recommended Robitusin Cough and Phlegm Extra Strength and that worked like a charm in 2 days flat. It was absolutely amazing. Then my poor plugged sinuses began to pour forth and after 11 days of having plugged ears I could hear again.
I never get that sick, so hopefully I'll stay well until I'm 65!

I've slowly been able to go out on the Skytrain again, so today it wasn't raining and I headed out to get some groceries, and visited a local $ store. I keep my eyes open for dolly stuff, even though I do not NEED any more! But it's such fun to find things for such low prices! I just can't resist. This year I'm playing more with my mini AG dolls, and I found these 2 pieces of furniture for only $1.25 each. I already had the aquarium. 
I got the cute puzzle mat too, for $1.25 which can be used for a floor in a school room.

The cutest thing of all were these darling spring flowers, which wave in bright light! I just love them. Best of all, they snap together to make a very cute fence! I think Lea and Grace would like a few more.
There are the cutest things out there, if you keep your eyes open.

By Loretta Houben

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