Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hump day a day early...Feb 23/16

I went out on a Hump Day excursion a day early.
The sun was brightly shining, and I have 3 Faresavers left. 
The Translink authorities have changed our method of payment to Compass Cards. These are plastic electronic cards, and I've loaded mine but haven't used it yet. I also haven't registered it. If you register the card, you can upload from your home computer, and check the balance at home. But if you register, anyone can track your where-a-bouts. It makes me so nervous! 
I went to New Westminster on my 2 zone Faresaver ticket. I don't have to tap in or out, which is what you must remember to do with the Compass Card or you will be charged for THREE zones. Can you imagine? And you have to remember the time yourself; nothing notifies you of when your time will expire. ACK!
I got off at New West Station. There are shops on 3 levels at this station, with high rise towers above. There's a Safeway, a Shopper's Drug Mart, an A & W, a Tim Horton's, and among other things, a neat Dollar Tree store, which used to be open only in the USA.
They have nice stuff for $1.25 each or less. I bought some cards, some 18" size doll hats, a green tub for a dog bath, some neat waving flowers for the mini dolls, and a nice Irish rock for my desk. I also stopped in the Salvation Army Thrift store and found the cute handmade carousel horse for only $3.99 and the tiny brand new Anne of Green Gables doll for $2.99. It was a fun outing, and I returned on the same ticket! ($3.75)

Beautiful crocus near Granville Island.
By Loretta Houben

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