Sunday, March 20, 2016

Easter Memories from years past....2001 and 2002

Easter 2001; at the Braun's lovely home in Surrey, BC.
Here is Marie with her pretty decorated table. I always enjoyed going here for Easter dinner.
For a few years, she would have Easter at her home, and I would have Thanksgiving dinner.

A variety of delicious salads and meat.
Robert, me, Mom, Dad, Robert B and Marie.

Matthew and Loretta in their Easter finery, 2001.

Easter 2002:
My parents, Susie and Jack Williams;
Matthew, Colin Partington, and Robert having a traditional Easter dinner at our house. I think this must have been on Good Friday.

Myself included. Our first digital camera didn't have the pause button.

Our Easter table. I loved the "chocolate" rabbits which I bought from Bowrings.
Bowrings is now gone from Metrotown and I miss it so much.

Matthew finding his Easter basket in the pantry.
He loved hunting for it.

Matthew and Loretta in their Easter finery.
I've always loved Easter the best of all seasons in the year.
By Loretta Houben

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