Tuesday, June 7, 2016

RCC newspaper photos....

I'm quite tickled!
Four of my photos were included on page 4 of the June edition of the RCC newspaper.
Collingwood Days was a complete washout, yet we still managed to have fun in our Heritage Booth.
I made a collage type display using old photos found online, British flag style duck tape, and a bit of red and black poster board. My scrap-booking skills came in handy!
I bought the board at the dollar store for only $2.00, and added two BC flags, three vintage school readers to be won in a draw, and a slate board. It was so wet, I couldn't take proper photos with the slate board, so it was only used once in the Heritage group Committee photo.
That's Paul Reid, Jennifer Gray-Grant, Tom Goodin, and myself in the Heritage Committee photo.
We've been meeting for over one year now.
I've learned quite a few hints on how to do researching etc.
But my longing to scan in old photos in Bobbi Senft's collection never materialized. Sigh...
 I didn't realize that the original location for the school was close to 41st Ave!
I'm always learning new things, which is why I enjoy being involved in my community!
Our MLA, Adrian Dix, paid us a visit. We meet in his office once a month.
Dev doesn't attend Carleton, but he was the only one to show up and he sure enjoyed winning a prize!

Here I am on May 15, 2016 in front of the old school building. I edited out the power lines.
They didn't belong.

By Loretta Houben

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